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Construction & Photography
for film and television




We are often approached at very early stages of production, discussing storyboards and artwork with the director and production designer and continuing to do so throughout construction and unit photography. We also liaise closely with the digital effects providers and visual effects supervisors, to ensure the integration of their work will be seamless in the later digital effects stage.



Model construction is an intricate and highly specialised process by a select group of the UK's foremost model makers, working with a wide range of materials to product highly realistic models of all scales. This often involves working closely with production designers to seamlessly merge constructions into surrounding photography and ensure that the art direction is consistent with the look of the film.


Lighting and photography of models is also highly specialised and integral to achieving convincing realism and sense of scale. We work closely with the UK's top directors of photography and lighting designers, who understand the specific needs of lighting and filming models.


Our director of models José Granell is primarily responsible for all of our models work. He has expertise stretching back almost thirty years in the industry and has been recognised with two consecutive nominations for Outstanding Achievement in Models at the industry's annual Visual Effect Society awards.

Production management
We are experts in managing entire model units, from the early bidding and storyboard stages through to management of the construction crew, photographic unit and pyrotechnics.

We appreciate that efficient production management is essential to the successful integration of the model unit with multiple production departments. These can include special effects technicians, camera and equipment suppliers, the model unit supervisor and the entire unit crew.

Creative supervision of the model unit is managed by our director of models José Granell. His expertise and knowledge of his craft are essential to the smooth outcome of every single production, and are responsible for consistently spectacular results.


The result of all this expertise is that the models team have been responsible for some of the most memorable and realistic visual effects sequences to come out of the UK in recent years.





Pan. (WarnerBros)

Cinderella. (Disney)

Into The Woods. (Disney)

Edge Of Tomorrow. (Disney)

Captain Morgan Rum (Smuggler Productions)

Jack Ryan. (Paramount)

Total Recall. (Sony)

John Carter Of Mars. (Disney)

Sherlock Holmes. (WarnerBros)

Prince Of Persia. (Disney)

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. (WarnerBros)

Jeremy Clarkson: Greatest Raid of All Time. (North One Television)

Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix. (Warner Bros)

Gale Force 10. (MMG nv)

V for Vendetta. (WarnerBros)

Charlie and Chocolate Factory. (WarnerBros)

Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire. (Warner Bros)

Sahara. (Sahara Productions)

Phantom of The Opera. (Really Useful Films)

Harry Potter III The Prisoner of Azkaban. (WarnerBros)

Harry Potter II Chamber of Secrets. (WarnerBros)

K19. (Intermedia)

Count of Monte Cristo. (Disney)

Ocean Warrior. (Ocean Warrior FX)

Enigma. (Intermedia)

A Knights Tale. (Knights Tale Sony / Columbia)

Mission Impossible II (Paramount)

Entrapment. (Twentieth Century Fox)

The Avengers. (WarnerBros)

Lost In Space. (New Line Cinema)

Seven Years In Tibet. (Applecross)

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. (Hallmark)

Hamlet (65mm) (Fishmonger Films)

Pinocchio. (Allied Pinocchio Productions)

Golden Eye (Eon Productions)

Judge Dredd. (Cinegi)

First Knight (Columbia)

Othelllo. (Imminent Films)

BraveHeart. (Marquis Films)

Germinal. (Renn Productions)

Black Beauty. (WarnerBros)

Cape Fear. (Amblin Entertainment)

Landslide. (Desmond Bagley Films)

Never Ending Story III. ( Cinevox UK)

In Exile. (North American Pictures)

Hudson Hawk. (Tri Star Pictures)

NeverEnding Story II. (Dieter Geissler Productions)

Batman I. (Warner Bros)

High Spirits. (Palace Pictures)

Santa Claus. (Alexander Salkind)

Spies Like Us. (Warner Bros)

Absolute Beginner. (Palace Pictures)

Hamlet. (Marquis Films)

Give My Regards To Broad St. (MPL Productions)

Plus over 150 Television Commercials and Pop Promos


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British Arrows Craft 2015 Winner
Gold Arrow

Awarded to Jose Granell at The Magic Camera Company
for Honda, CR-V, Endless Road.


Harry Potter And The Order of Phoenix
- Hogwarts School

V For Vendetta

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
- Hogwarts School

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban


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